Date Ideas: Where to eat? Best Fine Dining Restaurants this February 2012

It’s love month. Thinking about a place for a date? The Best Restaurants listed below are the commonly asked and searched dining places. For sure the time you bring your special someone here it’s not only a usual date but also a romantic one.

Marco Polo Davao’s Café Marco, Lotus Court and Polo Bistro. Who would question the food served in these outlets of the Marco Polo Hotel? With the International Cuisine served in a fresh and wider selection of food it’s no question to be a date with “unlimited love.” Café Marco is buffet restaurant which will only cost you almost a thousand per person.

Considered as one of the finest restaurants in the Philippines. Lotus Court is an A la Carte Restaurant serving Cantonese Cuisine. Having your date here will surely give you a big YES from you special one.

A date near the swimming pool? Polo Bistro is serving A la Carte with its Western Cuisine. They also have Set Menu arranged for you from the very meticulous taste of their executive chef. The first expression I heard after suggesting a date at Polo Bistro was, “Lovely Date with a Col Literally, the water is dancing with colors. Imagine a date with an excellent service, ambiance, cuisine. A date night of a lifetime – ROMANTIC!orful Water.”

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  1. These are great date ideas! Dates don't have to be always dinner outs but must be fun as well. Great post you got here. Thanks for the information that you've shared with your readers. :)


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