Sebo Massage Spa

With so many procrastinations of bringing myself to a massage spa house, I finally brought myself in. After my long hours work, I literally experienced a totally different experience !

Yes it’s a WHOLE BODY massage but wholesome. I was refreshed and relaxed. Wondering about the place? It’s named SEBO Massage Spa located at Cabantia , Davao City.

Who want it HARD? You actually have the choice if you want the service to be done by a male or a female therapist. The service is really good, very relaxing. I had a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu and Hot Stone which I only paid for Php 300.

Personal experience: No after massage body pains !

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  1. where in matina?

  2. Hi there. It's after Crossing. It's only 20 minutes(through a cab) away from the downtown area.

  3. Thanks for the information its really help me a lot now i am going to try it....


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