Top 5 Ideal Places to Visit in Davao this 2012

Given the question for ideal places this 2012, I was challenged to gather the best places as top tourist destination in Davao this year. With personal knowledge and idea from people who were at this places let me give you the list:

1) SAMAL ISLAND. If you are looking for SUN, SEA and ADVENTURE you should enlist any of the Samal Island beach resort.The island is only 40-45 minutes away from the heart of Davao City. A Deep-blue or Swallow-green water will surely promise fun activities like diving, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, banana or jet riding and island hopping. From the most expensive like Pearl Farm to the most reasonable and comfortable like Paradise Island, you have the chance of saying IT’S REALLY FUN IN DAVAO!

2) EDEN. A nature park overlooking the city, this place is ideal for family wanting to unwind and feel renewed hearing the natural sounds of life. Eden is the most accessible peak in Davao. You have the chance of seeing organic plants raised in the place, animal in their mini-zoo, boat riding and fishing or a tour around the 80 acres land while seeing the remains of Mt. Talomo. They also have Camp Houses for your overnight stay and Zipline, Indiana Jones Ride and many other activities ideal for your family bonding or teambuilding. Wondering about food? They have a buffet lunch freshly available for you. A 40-50 minutes drive from the City will bring you to EDEN.

3) CROCS. Crocodile Farm is 25-20 minutes away from the City proper. If your kids love animals like Big Lizard (my cousin referred this for crocodile,) Birds on show, monkeys, tiger and many other animals you should include Crocodile Farm on your list. It is also ideal biology enthusiasts where they have the chance of seeing the life cycle of Butterflies in the Butterfly House. Crocodile Farm also arranges for activity like White Water Rafting.

4) NOT SO ANGRY BIRD. The Philippine Eagle Foundation is another place for you to visit where the King of Philippine Jungle are raised and protected. If you visit them you are not only seeing our Pride but you are also helping the Foundation in their reservation effort for the wildlife in the center specially the Philippine Eagle. Philippine Eagle Foundation is in Malagos where the varieties of Philippine Flora are also raised. Beautiful Flowers and Big Birds are Here!

5) WAKEBOARDING. Deca Wakeboarding is located in Mintal, Davao City. It only 45 minutes away from the heart of the city. Adventure for your muscles is what this activity can promise you. Try it now!


  1. Thanks for a helpful tips. I will visit Davao this august hope to try this places.

  2. Really interesting info, thanks for sharing.


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