Lola Mommy's Restaurant: The Real Taste of Duterte-land

What's new in Davao?

What's the best food or restaurant in Davao?

If you are a local Davaoeno or a tourist wanting to discover an authentic Davaoeno Cuisine - Lola Mommy's Restaurant at Catalunan Grande is a must visit in Davao.

From Tuna Kinilaw, to Tinola or Barbeque  Chicken name it - they have it!

I must say it is a culinary experience you should try.

They serve food from 6am till 10pm. But the best time to visit is dinner where Barbecue Chicken/Pork is freshly grilled.

If your concern is the price - it's is not an issue. This is an actual size of an order which would only cost you Php 70 pesos ($1.2).

If you are visiting Lola Mommy's Restaurant, best to order Kilawin, Kinilaw, Kalderetang Kambing and Lechon. It's very 100% authentic! 

You will be very happy to bring and treat your family or friends here because it's really cheap yet - CLEAN and FRESH.

They have their own farm. So you will love knowing that what you it is fresh and grown from their farm.

You can also buy newly harvested fruits like Banana, Pomelo, Durian, Avocado (depending on  season)

The service here: Expect a big crowd at night or on holidays but it's worth it.

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