Where to Find the Best Pomelo in Davao?

Davao Pomelo
Davao is known to be the fruit capital of the Philippines. From Banana, to Durian, to Mangosteen and the most take home pasalubong or gift for local tourists -  the Pomelo.

 So where is the best place to find cheap but fresh and sweet Pomelo in Davao?

I personally went and bought a box of Pomelo to experience it myself - the Bangkerohan Fruit Market 

Located within the Bankerohan Public Market, this is a is a good choice if you are looking for not so overpriced pasalubong back home.

On a normal days, it would only cost Php 340-640 per box. A box has about 8-18 Fresh Pomelo. The average of Php 60-70 per kilo.

Most stores here sell at same price, if they will know that you are a tourist they might ask for slightly higher price but try to use your bargaining skills. 

How to buy the best Pomelo?

Too big is not a good choice. If you will find a small yet heavy one that means it's juicy.(and good pick) Most Pomelo in Davao are sweet but famous brand is Nenita. Davao Orange is also becoming a known brand now.

Davaoenous are naturally helpful so you can ask help or they can give you recommendation.

Just remember a good Pomelo is JUICY and SWEET.

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