Weather and Seasons

The climate throughout the costal regions of the Philippines is considered top be tropical marine climate.  This means that the year is distinctly affected by two monsoon seasons, one bringing clouds and rain, and the other bringing dry air and hot temperatures.  The temperatures are mild throughout the year, but can feel much hotter depending on the moisture content in the air.  Check out this Philippines Climate Summary for detailed information about this topic.
On average, the hottest months of the year in Davao are April and may, during which time the daytime high temperatures will hover around the upper 80’s and lower 90’s.  The nighttime temperatures during these months will drop to the 70’.
In contrast, the coldest months of the year in Davao are December and January, during which time the daily highs will be in the mid 80’s.  The nighttime temperatures during these months will drop to the upper 60’s.  This comparison shows that temperatures are relatively consistent throughout the year.
The wet season in Davao is between May and October, during which time the summer monsoon brings lots of heavy rain to the area.  The dry season is between December and February, during which time the winter monsoon brings dry air and warm temperatures.   January and February are perhaps the best months to visit during, as the rains have stopped, and the temperatures are on the cooler side of things.
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